This $301 Million Paris Chateau Is the World's Priciest Home

Chateau Louis XIV is reported to be the most valuable property on Earth, recently selling for a whopping 275 million euros (US$301 million). Elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leafed fountain, an infinite array of flowers. The new-build of a 17th century style castle has reportedly sold for a whopping, world-record €275 million (US$301 million). According to Bloomberg, an anonymous Middle Eastern rich-lister is the new owner of the 56-acre estate, located between Versailles and Marly-le-Roi in France, which took 121 workers three years to complete. With an incomprehensible price tag to most, it's no surprise that the Chateau Louis XIV estate is flooded with extravagant features: mu

Cellars Reach New Heights

From cavernous basements to artful, high-tech centrepieces, wine cellars have come a long way. The earliest archaeological evidence of wine production was found in Georgia (circa 6000 BC) and Iran (circa 5000 BC), so it should come as no surprise that wine cellars have also existed for thousands of years. In fact, just two years ago, archaeologists uncovered what is believed to be the world’s oldest wine cellar. Dating from 1700 BC and containing 40 broken jars, the mud-brick walled storage room was found during the excavation of an ancient palace’s banquet hall in present-day Israel. Since that time, wine cellaring has become a science that aficionados have perfected on multiple levels. Adv

The Making of the Most Expensive Mansion in History

High above Bel Air, Nile Niami is looking down on the tiny mansions of mere millionaires as he stands on a plywood platform that will soon be the roof deck of the house he's selling for $500 million. When you expect a half billion dollars, everything has to scale up, including the views, and from this hilltop, they span 360 degrees—encompassing the San Gabriel Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and, today, Niami's Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible, parked in the driveway below. The 47-year-old developer is taking it all in . . . and explaining why he believes the property is not really so expensive when you think about it. The home itself, when it's finished in 2017, will have five swimming pools,

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