This $301 Million Paris Chateau Is the World's Priciest Home

Chateau Louis XIV is reported to be the most valuable property on Earth, recently selling for a whopping 275 million euros (US$301 million).

Elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leafed fountain, an infinite array of flowers.

The new-build of a 17th century style castle has reportedly sold for a whopping, world-record €275 million (US$301 million).

According to Bloomberg, an anonymous Middle Eastern rich-lister is the new owner of the 56-acre estate, located between Versailles and Marly-le-Roi in France, which took 121 workers three years to complete.

With an incomprehensible price tag to most, it's no surprise that the Chateau Louis XIV estate is flooded with extravagant features: multiple moats, an aquarium, theatre, indoor pool, marble interior, french-style gardens, an indoor bar, sculptures finished in gold leaf, and ceiling art painted by the very best of French artisans.

The dramatic fountain is detailed by stone sculptures finished in gold leaf.

The villa is in a 23-hectare park between Versailles and Marly-le-Roi and took three years to construct, according to Cogemad’s website. The house includes an aquarium, cinema and a wine cellar, while outside there’s a fountain covered in gold leaf.

The Grand Stair

“With elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leafed fountain, an infinite array of flowers, marble statues, bridle paths and a hedged labyrinth, the property’s park and gardens evoke the genius of Le Notre, ” Cogemad said on its website, referring to the gardener of King Louis XIV of France.

The expansive indoor heated pool is lit by chandeliers.

The Grand Arrival Gate


Chateau Louis XIV

Sold for: EUR$275 million (US$301 million) Where: Paris, France Owned by: unknown middle-eastern buyer Size: 56 acres Property footprint: 5000 square metres Construction time-frame: 2008-2001 Contractors: 121 Pool: Indoor heated Landscaping: elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leaf fountain, marble statues, bridle paths, hedged labyrinth, moats Indoor features: aquarium, cinema, custom artwork, bar

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